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Latest Recording

The latest CD produced by the choir"Music in the Air" is still available.

Released in September 2019 the choral items again reflect some of the current sacred and secular pieces in the choir's wide repertoire. "Rachie" a rousing Welsh hymn and Schuberts arrangement of the 23rd Psalm"The Lord is my Shepherd " are just two of the more traditional sacred pieces. The choir however, introduces the listener to two very new sacred numbers, "There will I be" from the USA, and Sheelagh steps away from the piano to join the choir and singing mostly in Italian in" The Prayer" made popular by Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion. There are many other pieces, something old, something new but, the piece that challenged the conductor, accompanist and the choir alike has to be "Music in the air" which gave its name to the title of the CD. The arrangment by Ryan Murphy of this African American Spiritual with its tempo, repetitive lyrics and sudden changes in rhythm was quite a challenge and in particular to Sheelagh, the choir accompanist and any listener to this piece can only but applaud and admire her keyboard skills.

The choir is indebted to the musical talents and skills of its past conductor, the late Paul Briggs and accompanist Sheelagh Greer for their hard work and dedication in the preparations for the successful whole day recording session. Not forgeting Assistant conductor Louis Irvine who prepared and conducted Rachie. Paul then used his additional technical skills in the post production and mastering of all 16 tracks.

The CD at £10.00 + £3.00P&P (in Pounds Sterling) can be purchased via the PayPal link below or direct from Sales


    What Would I Do Without My Music 1. What would I do without my Music

  • 2. Rachie

  • 3. To Where You Are

  • The Mulligans Muskateers4. The Mulligans Muskateers

  • 5. There Will I Be

  • Bass Leads: Ronnie Lee & Barry McWilliams

  • Tenor Leads: Ken Carter& Gerry McCarry

  • 6. The Wonder of You

  • 7. Sweet Caroline

  • 8. Vive L'Amour

  • 9. My Heart Will Go On

  • 10.The Prayer

  • Soloist: Sheelagh Greer

  • 11.The Lord Is My Shepherd

  • 12.That Lucky Old Sun

  • Soloist: Dick Grey

  • 13. Danny Boy

  • 14. Music In The Air

  • 15. Sing Your Way Home

  • Ireland's Call16. Ireland's Call

Previous Recordings

The "A Journey in Song" CD released in 2016 has now been completely SOLD OUT.

The eighteen tracks on the CD recording reflected some of the sacred and secular pieces in the choir's then repertoire. However, it was also a tribute to the life of Sam Stewart and his life's journey with the choir as a founder member aged 19 in 1933 until his passing as the choir's only Honorary Life Member in 2013 then aged 100 years. In those 80 years Sam acted in many important roles in the management of the choir.

    1. African Prayer

  • 2. As the Deer

  • 3. Battle Hymn of the Republic

  • 4. Let the Lower Lights

  • 5. I'm Gonna Walk

  • 6. Calm is the Sea

  • 7. Eileen Oge

  • 8. Carrickfergus

  • 9. Dashenka

  • 10.New York New York

  • 11.The Rose

  • 12.Hava Nagila

  • 13.Last of the Summer Wine

  • 14.There is Nothing Like a Dame

  • 15.You'll Never Walk Alone

  • 16.Anthemm from Chess

  • 16.You are so Beautiful

  • 16.American Trilogy

In the 2000's with Brian Agus as conductor "Rhythm of Life"and "Sing for your Life" were recorded. Unfortunately these CD's are currently unavailable. However, here are the lists of choral tracks.

  • 1. Llanfair

  • 2. Morte Criste

  • 3. Gwahoddiad

  • 4. Groeswen

  • 5. In a Monastery Garden

  • 6. Love, could I only tell you

  • 7. All you were and all you are

  • 8. Nirvana

  • 9. Stout Hearted Men

  • 10. Macnamara's Band

  • 11. Rhythm of Life

  • 12. Give me that Old Time Religion

  • 13. Angels watching over me

  • 14. When the Saints go marching in

  • 15. Jean Racine's Canticle

  • 16. Let there be peace on Earth

  • 17. Abide with me

  • 18. May God's Blessing

  • 1. Song of the Jolly Roger

  • 2. An Evening's Pastorale

  • 3. Tom the Piper's son

  • 4. Sing for your Life

  • 5. Bring back the Beguine

  • 6. In the Gloaming

  • 7. The Ould Lammas Fair

  • 8. Cockles and Mussels

  • 9. My Love is like a Red Red Rose

  • 10. Jamaica Farewell

  • 11. Seven Six Trombones

  • 12. She

  • 13. Amen/This little Light of Mine

  • 14. Jacob's Ladder

  • 15. Little Innocent Lamb

  • 16. Shall we gather at the River

  • 17. Just as I am

  • 18. God's Choir

  • 19. Just a closer Walk with Thee

  • 20. Psalm 126

  • 21. Non Nobis Domine

  • 22. A Clare Benediction

In the era of vinyl records and audio cassettes, the choir made its first recordings led by conductor Billy Thompson. "Walking with God "in 1972 and "Marvellous and Wonderful" in 1974. These recordings were mainly sacred in nature and it is worth noting that at least five members of the present choir took part in both recordings. Additionally, Trevor Forsythe and Kenneth McIlroy are third generation family members.